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Model AL-33: Apex Locator

It adopts the fifth generation circuit-T Surge Frequency & Low Frequency in the area of apex locator.
Distinctive function:
Frequency operating system-0.1mm length determination
Works in dry or wet canals
Adjustable LCD angle of view
Self calibrating
LCD panel could show the moving trace of file in the canal
Autoclavable file holder to avoid cross infection
Audible warning system
Adjustable volume of the sound indicator
Excellence in working length determination comes with 5 different setting of apical adjustment aound the minor diameter.
CE 0197

Model AL-34: Apex Locator & Pulp Tester

Root canal apex finder and Pulp vital measurement

Wide color LCD screen, operation simple and friendly interface

multi-frequency design for wet or dry accuracy, adjustment-free

Accurate current-stabilized generate technology, exact result of pulp vitality testing

Progressive audio signal combined with on-screen graphics

Rechargeable Li-ion battery and charger

Charge/working status intelligent switch to avoid EMI

Adaptor voltage: AC100-240V,50-60HZ

Battery:7.4V/1000mAh chargeable Li-ion battery

Display: color LCD Screen, buzzer

Model AL-35: Apex Locator & Pulp Tester

Root cannal apex finder and pulp vital measurement;

Color LCD screen display

Multi-frequency design, exact accurate;

Self-testing function

Rechargeable Li-ion battery and charger

Model AL-36: Apex Locator

power consumption<0.05W
static current<10uA
display modeLCD

Model AL-37: Apex Locator

even when there are some remanant blood and some solution, the uint can get precise data.
super large LCD display, can display how deep the apex file has probed into the root
and digital display the distance from apex file to the apex at the same time, show the apex
length directly and clearly.
with sona alarm, remind timely, more humanized.
easy to operate, efficient, accurate, convenient, and without X-ray radiation.
hooker and the wire can be sterilized with high tempreture, avoid cross infection.


Model AL-38: Apex Locator

Voltage: DC 7.5V(5XDC 1.5V AA Alkali dry cells)

Power consumption: below AC80mV

Test electric current: below 10ua

Display: reflex colored LCD display, piezo-electric buzzer

Dimensions: W96XD80XH105mm

Model AL-39: Apex Locator

Power voltage:DC7.5V(5*DC 1.5V AA Alkali dry cells)

Power consumption: below 0.135VA

Test Voltage:below AC80mV

Test electric current: below 10uA

Display: reflex colored LCD display, buzzer

Dimensions: W105*D105*H115mm

Weight: 370g



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